AnZa is the lovechild of two not-so-strange bedfellows: a design studio and an espresso repair shop, both sharing the same space in Berkeley, California. 

How did AnZa come to be?

We believe that every designer has the responsibility to bring something new to the table. In a sea of coffee machines, we asked ourselves: if something is made from the same material and produces the same quality coffee as other machines in its price point - then where is the added value?

Anza's added value comes through its material choices, thoughtfully rendered and completely real, and its accessible functionality. Combined, AnZa delivers a cafe-quality experience, truly earning a bit of valuable real estate on your home countertop, and in a fashion unlike any other appliance.

We're launching the Anza crowdfunding campaign in August of 2017 - with estimated delivery of production machines early 2018.

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