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When it comes to making your own coffee, there is a lot of information out there. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and very time-consuming to figure things out.

To get you drinking quality espresso as quickly and easily as possible, we have put together some instructional videos with our best tips and tricks for making delicious coffee using the AnZa, starting with explaining the different components of the machine and then going through each stage of the coffee-making process. This four part series will hopefully be a fun and helpful insight into the magical world of espresso. Happy espresso making everyone! 

Part One: Introducing the AnZa espresso machine 
This video explains the different components and functions of the AnZa espresso machine.


Part two: Grinding Coffee
This is a crucial step of making espresso, and also the one which is most overlooked and easiest to get wrong. This video explains the process from finding delicious whole coffee beans and perfecting the coffee grind settings. This step takes some experimentation to perfect, but it's worth it!


Part three: Steaming Milk

Possibly the most satisfying parts of making espresso drinks is being able to steam smooth and creamy micro-foam which would even your local barista would give a seal of approval! This video will walk you through the process of choosing which milk to use and demonstrate some of the key milk steaming techniques.


Part Four: All together now

Finally, here is how to efficiently make a cappuccino using the AnZa espresso machine. From switching it on all the way to applying the last of the latte art on your coffee. 


How to clean the AnZa: 

A crucial part of keeping your AnZa espresso machine running smoothly is to make sure to regularly clean it. All espresso machines gradually build up scale deposits from hard water and residue from coffee extraction, so using the correct products and techniques to stop the build up is important. The following two videos offer useful tips and instructions on how to clean the AnZa.