The AnZa Story

As a design studio we believe the world doesn’t need another espresso machine, unless it’s offering something not offered before.

In a sea of near identical coffee machines, we asked ourselves: if a machine is made from the same material and produces the same quality coffee as other machines at its price point - where is its value?

The Materials:

Not all materials are easy to relate to.
The materials you form a relationship to are the materials you need to care for. You polish, oil and clean them. Stainless steel is the pragmatic material of choice for espresso machines, and if you believe in being pragmatic it’s hard to fault, as long as the espresso is good.
AnZa's added value comes through its choice of materials. Choices that seem strange to some and heartwarming to others. Brass, concrete, wood and Corian®Solid Surface are living materials that need caring for, but reward the user with a unique ownership experience.