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 The Goal: 
For some, making espresso is science. We’ve always seen it more
as art. With art and design, materials matter.
AnZa is about choosing different materials—materials that provoke a
response and encourage a relationship. Our goal is to reward the
user with a unique ownership experience.

Team AnZa
Our Story: 
Back in 2014, our design team shared a space with an espresso
machine repair shop. As months went by, we noticed that the world of espresso was dominated by nearly identical stainless steel machines. If every machine at a certain price point looked the same (and made the same quality coffee), how could you choose which one to buy?
We decided to sketch an alternative espresso machine with a
different approach. A machine with a simple aesthetic made of alluring materials.
The appeal was immediately clear. By using unorthodox
materials—such as concrete, brass, and
wood—we transformed a mechanical tool into an object of beauty and desire.
As we designed, we made prototypes. We experimented with
different knobs, switches, materials, colors, and finishes. Over
the years, different designers contributed to the machine’s
development with ideas and material samples. The AnZa aesthetic
of simple luxury emerged, translated into two different material finishes.
AnZa Concrete is the opposite of bent stainless steel. It’s not
shiny, precise, or smooth. It’s matte, rough, organic, and heavy.
The precision of the ceramic steam knob and portafilter handle
complement the concrete. You won’t find your usual black plastic knobs here.

The AnZa timeline: 

The AnZa Community: 
We are now shipping AnZa espresso machines around the world and could not be prouder. We are also super grateful for all the wonderful customers and individuals who we have had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with. Love getting sent pictures of the AnZa in its many different homes and hoping the beautiful pictures keep coming!
Tom Kahler